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Mobile Office Consulting & Support Services

Providing professional consulting services to businesses to provide them with the knowledge they require to increase their productivity and improve employee morale by mobilizing their workforce.

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Catherine provides consulting services to business considering flexible work options. The traditional workplace as defined by cubicles and all employees onsite is changing to a more flexible and mobile workplace. If your company is contemplating a change to how and where your employees work, then Catherine will provide the solutions you need.

Catherine has worked with companies to implement telecommuting programs and other flexible work options. She has advised companies on the implementation and administration of mobile offices, allowing their employees to work from any location. She has assisted new entrepreneurs plan their businesses to maximize the use of  technology to create competitive new business models.

With the technology available today and what will be available in the future, it's not enough to guess what tools and equipment your workers will need to work successfully in remote environments.

With the experience and knowledge to properly assess your company's needs and make recommendations regarding the appropriate flexible work option, Catherine will enable your company to move smoothly into the future of work. Is your company prepared to move into the future of workplaces? Contact Catherine now to begin discussing your company's needs and plans for future growth.

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