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Real Estate Support Services

If you do not see a service you require do not hesitate to contact me, and we can discuss how it can be accomplished.

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London Ontario area Realtors and Brokers -

You don't have to spend your VALUABLE time going back and forth to the copier and then to the listing. CATHERINE'S VIRTUAL OFFICE will design, create and deliver the Feature Sheets directly to the listing address.

All you need to do is:
(local clients only)

  1. Decide on the paper type/colour you wish to have the Feature Sheets created on,
  2. Contact CATHERINE'S VIRTUAL OFFICE by any of the methods indicated below, when it is time to pick up the photograph(s) and a copy of the MLS listing.

If you are outside the London Ontario area, photos and listing information can be transferred to Catherine's Virtual Office via email. I will create a Master Copy and return it to you via email.


Bi-fold or tri-fold brochures are available. Detailed information can be printed on just one side or double-sided. Additional photos can be included in a brochure. This is a unique way to present a listing and it's special features to prospective clients.


A newsletter is an ideal way to keep to keep in touch with former clients and clients that you are currently working with. Keep them informed of topics that will interest them and it also serves to help them remember you. When the time comes for them to buy or sell, YOUR name will be the one they remember! If asked for a referral YOUR name will be the one they remember!


Develop a presence on the Internet! Increase your potential client base by having a page designed to showcase your listings. Based on research by CATHERINE'S VIRTUAL OFFICE, the MLS Canada web site is not always accessible as there is a limit to the number of people who can view the site at a time. In addition, the amount of listing information is limited on this site. Why lose potential clients? Your own page will allow you to provide all the details you require to promote your listings! You can even include multiple photos of a listing (exterior and interior photos).

Catherine's Virtual Office can also provide digital photography services to agents/brokers within the London Ontario Region.


  1. Typing correspondence
  2. Mass mailings
  3. Custom cards
  4. Scanning Services

To receive a QUOTE on any of these services just complete the Request for Quotation form here.

Please include a complete description of the assignment, including the date required and the number of copies required.

Quotes will be processed and returned to you within 24hrs of receipt by Catherine’s Virtual Office.

Assignment pick-up and delivery will be handled by Catherine’s Virtual Office within the London Ontario area.
For clients outside the London Ontario area - arrangements will be made for a mutually beneficial method of pick-up and delivery.
Assignments can be sent via email or ftp. They can also be returned using the same methods.


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